If you love making art journals or junk journals, customized embellishments, and gifts, this is a must-have course in your library

This class is all about exploring creativity

and mixed-media techniques
use them to create unique one of a kind Paper Buttons

Course Features

🧐12 mixed media Techniques to create the Paper Button Backgrounds

🧐 Different techniques for making colorfull Pop paper buttons and Vintage looking paper buttons

🧐+then 30 ideas on how to use your Paper Buttons and the backgrounds in your art journals and junk journals

🧐 2 live Zoom replays (were we created online)

🧐Two digital downloads with a collection of Paper buttons cards collections

🧐 3 Bonus lessons

This class offers you a unique opportunity to explore fresh mixed-media techniques, opening up a world of artistic possibilities.

Beyond the standard button applications, you'll uncover more than 30 innovative ideas on how to make the most of your paper buttons.

By the end of this course, you'll not only have a diverse arsenal of mixed media skills, but you'll also be overflowing with creativity and inspiration, ready to infuse your art journals and junk journals with a new level of vibrancy and charm.

Francisca Nunes Paper Buttons class

12 different mixed media techniques to create backgrounds

We will dive into several mixed media techniques so you can create Pop colorful with texture and interest Buttons and different old vintage looking buttons

Create your collections of Buttons

Explore different ideas and create your own unique collections of buttons and their cards collections

Mixed media art journaling class

Create unique details on your buttons

The class is full of step by step videos sharing you different ways to add multiple details in your buttons, so you add your style and create your unique ones.

Paper Buttons course

Bonus #1

Create Fabric envelopes and different ideas of closures

Vintage button cards

Download Bonus #2

A set of vintage button cards that will ignite your creativity even more. Imagine all the gifts you will create with them.

Bonus Paper Button class

Download Bonus #3

A set of Pop colorful Button cards so you can add your Buttons collections.

Take a look inside the classroom


🌸Explore several different mixed-media techniques
🌸 All the techniques learned in the class you will use in so many other projects as creating your art journal pages or other one-of-a-kind embellishments or in other mixed media projects.
🌸 Access to step by step process for all the lessons
🌸 Create Pop colorful and vintage looking Paper Buttons
🌸 You will see different ways to create unique buttons
🌸 Create your unique buttons collections and Button cards collection
🌸 Have access to two downloadable PDFs with card button ideas, one for vintage buttons and the other one for Pop buttons.
🌸 We will explore different ideas on how to use the Paper buttons and all the leftover scraps.
🌸All the class has lifetime access

? Frequently asked questions

This course is now a self paced class. You can enroll at any time and have instant access to all the content.

What materials and tools do I need to participate in this class?
A supplies list will be given inside the class and it's available as a preview above.

Can I imedialty access the class content and materials after the course ?
Yes, all the content is available after purchased for instant access.

How can I get in touch with the instructor or ask questions if I have any questions?
The classroom as a space to make questions and the teacher is available by email and happy to reply to any questions.

What types of paper buttons will I learn to make in this class, and can I customize them to my personal style?
We will dive deep into several mixed media techniques that you can use adding your own style and create your very personal Buttons.

Can I create Buttons and sell them in my own shops?
Yes you can. You can use the techniques to create your own costumized Paper Buttons and sell them or use them in your journals for sell. It is not given permission for copy the lessons and use them as they were yours.

Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Francisca Nunes

I'm a mixed media artist from Portugal.

An explorer of the intuitive creative process and an advocate of intuitive and playfull art expression.

I found in Art a way to combine my passions: Nature, Botany and Art.

Using nature, color, texture, collages, doodles, and marks I explore my creativity and share it with other creative souls, through online classes and in-person workshops, and art retreats.

I believe that everyone is creative and that through Art Journaling and mixed media explorations, we can unleash our inner voice without rules, judgments, or fears, in an intimate process of discovering our own creative expression.

Join me and let's unleash you inner creativity.

Francisca Nunes online classes