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Francisca Nunes Free course

Botanicals inspiration

Add lot's of botanical different papers and ecoprinted papers to create an inspiring Journal

Create two inspiring Flowers Art Journal

Create your inspiring Flowers journals

Francisca Nunes Free course

Mixed Media Play

Create two different covers for your Flowers Journal and play with different mixed media techniques

Flowers Magic Art Journal

Fuse Paper and Fabrics

Create an inspiring Journal combining different media, like papers, fabrics and embroiderys

🌸🌸Unlock the enchanting world of FLOWERS MAGIC ART and join this course created for art journaling lovers, makers, and crafter women like you that want to experience the happy energy and flow of FLOWERS 🌸

Hi, I'm Francisca Nunes

I'm a mixed-media artist from Portugal.

An explorer of the intuitive creative process and an advocate of intuitive and playful art expression inspired by narture

I found in Art a way to combine my passions: Nature, Botany, and Art.

Using nature, color, texture, fabrics, collages, doodles, and marks I explore my creativity and share it with other creative souls, through online classes and in-person workshops, and art retreats.

I believe that everyone is creative and that through Art Journaling and mixed media explorations, we can unleash our inner voice without rules, judgments, or fears, in an intimate process of discovering our own creative expression.

Join me and let's bring more nature into your art!

Francisca Nunes Mixed media art