The Flowers Magic is the class from the very popular event


In this class, you are challenged to explore different mixed media techniques inspired by flowers and guided by 6 artists

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Students said about this challenge/class

""Fabulous class, Francisca! All the lessons and the beauty included. Thank you so very much."


"This challenge was so enlightening. Francisca, you did a fabulous job of pulling together some amazing artists with such unique approaches to flowers and art. I loved it all!"


"👏👏 I love, Love, LOVED the Flowers Magic Challenge! Soooo much fun and inspiration! I’m really glad I signed up for the VIP spot! All the guest teachers were wonderful! Thank you so much, Francisca and all the guest teachers… you are all amazing! 🌺🥰🌺"



🌸 20 days of playing inspired by flowers
🌸 6 artists to guide you through the Challenge
🌸 Make your Flowers Magic Art journal. Create your boiled ecorpinted journal
🌸Learn how to eco printing with flowers
🌸Create nature ink powders and learn how to eco print with them.
🌸Explore flowers using mixed media techniques with different artists
🌸 Bonus lessons from each artist


Francisca combines color and nature to explore intuitive expression. She loves the faded imperfect aspects of nature and loves to guide other creatives, exploring and excepting the mess and imperfection


Joana is an imperfectionist, a great fan of colour, and an obsessed freedom seeker. loves exploring new materials and ideas and is obsessed with flowers.


Michelle from @Raspberrybluesky is an imperfect creative bohemian soul with a deep passion for art journaling. Wild flower child • daughter of the sea • child of the sun • mess maker • dreamer • believer • lake lover


Roben-Marie is a tech-savvy mixed media artist and instructor. She believes anyone can cultivate their creative spark. She’s taught mixed media art workshops and retreats


Her art is strongly influenced by botanical themes and the imprecise expression of organic forms. In her journal pages, you will find lots of abstract backgrounds combined with expressive botanical drawings, collages, and loose paintings


Susanne from @mitkrearum is a flower power soul and paper lover - always inspired by nature. She rediscovered her creativity in 2013, and ever since she has hosted lots of workshops in Denmark and been creating hand-bound art journals that she calls “mood books”.


Flowers Magic is a class from


20 Prompts + 10 video lessons +

8 Bonus lessons

6 ARTISTS Creating around FLOWERS

You'll get:

🌸 Lifetime access to the challenge lessons so you can work at your pace

🌸Extra In-depth lessons from Francisca about eco-printing with Flowers and nature ink powders

🌸 Step by step lessons from each of one of the guest artists

🌸 Digital collage papers from our guest artists

🌸Extra inspirational videos

🌸8 Bonus lessons from all the guest artists

🌸Live Zoom with Francisca (recorded) where we created the Cover of our Flowers Magic Art Journal

Students said about this challenge/class

"Your instructions were clear and the equipment and supplies are easy for me to get. I loved the experimental ideas and the surprise of opening a bundle. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. I can see lots of applications for this process. "

Dianne Franks

"From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU for this challenge. I'm grateful for every second I was able to be a part of it. I am particularly happy about the possibility of the VIP spot. That definitely brought a big extra kick. Thanks to the wonderful guest teachers. It was a pleasure to see each individual contribution. I am happy. 💟🌸"


Students said about this challenge/class

""Francisca, you set up a fantastic workshop, and included some amazing instructors for areas of art that are so complimentary to eco-dyeing! This has been amazing! Each instructor provided wonderful inspiration and amazing tips on embellishing our journals and papers, techniques that are totally new to me, and outside of my comfort zone.""

Cecile Nichols

This has been a great experience. Thank you for all your hard work putting it together - your inspiration, suggestions, and lessons, and thanks to all the guest teachers for sharing a bit of themselves and their art with us"